Do you have anything interesting to share? I’ll help ya…

Hi All,

This first post is just a preview for my new blog and is here to tell you what it is all about. So after running a few different blogs over the years and hanging around the blogosphere, I suddenly thought to myself that there are so many interesting people – artists (musicians, photographers, writers, etc…), philosophers,Ā  thought leaders or just a very smart old lady, and that it would be a great honor for me to help them share their views and works and also to bring you the most interesting stuff in the web. Daily.

So, you are all more than welcome to join this blog, I promise you will fall in love (Not with me, but with the people whose works I will bring to your door). Also, if you think that you have something interesting that you like me to share, please follow this blog and I will check it out.


6 thoughts on “Do you have anything interesting to share? I’ll help ya…

  1. eleanordukesswyer

    Hi! I love the idea of a little nugget of interestingness daily! Feel free to wonder through the randomness of my blog…. it’s not the best but I enjoy writing about the things I love šŸ˜€

  2. cherylz1961

    I too like your blog idea. I am not the smart old lady. I am more the young at heart, middle-aged Christian lady next door. Thanks for visiting my site,
    I hope you found it encouraging. Please Visit Again. My interesting bit to share is this…
    I just learned that the James 1:1 “Greeting” means Joy to You in Greek. It is spelled chairein but pronounced Ki-rain. So I wish you Joy today, Chairein!

  3. Jas Baku

    Great idea, good luck with it šŸ™‚
    Thanks for liking my Energy Goes Where Attention Attention Flows post BTW.
    (nb. you can delete the 1st comment, you know!)


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