Art Art Art

Hi All,

I didn’t introduce myself deeply enough in this blog (And I probably won’t :-)), but here is something I can say about myself – I admire art. Any kind of art, no matter if it is music, photography, design, writing, theater, sculpture or anything else.

So, this time I would like to give you a link to a beautiful blog, which is reach with lots and lots of art – fine art, photography, design, illustration and more. It is highly recommended to waste your time looking at this beautiful art than at any Obama-Romney-Nethanyahu-Putin-Ahmadenijad bullshit. (It will make you happier, and will definitely add a few mentally healthier years to your life)

So… here it is (This link is for the photography category. Please notice the “categories” tab in the upper right in order to find much more art):


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